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Assisted Lifestyle, Inc. (ALI) is recognized as a leader in quality assisted living and in-home respite care with a broad range of services. Our highly trained and skilled RNs, LPNs, and CNAs specialize in working with disabled children and clients with Alzheimer's, but we provide secure care in a safe environment for anyone in the area who needs it. We even offer optional surveillance cameras that can be viewed remotely, free of charge.

Holding Hands

Why Choose ALI?

Today, people often prefer remaining in the privacy and comfort of their home rather than moving into a nursing home or similar facility. ALI is your solution. We pride ourselves in providing customized quality care that meets the needs of each customer. Whether your loved one is in a facility or living in his or her home, we work with all ages.

Since taking over this company in 2010, we are proud to still be the only family-owned senior care business in the area. This makes for more personal relationships with clients, in which we are more likely to be able to meet unique needs. We also have partnerships with other companies that can provide additional equipment or care when our clients need it most.

Our Vision

The vision of ALI is clear and simple: maintain and exceed our customers' expectations. We have built an outstanding reputation by delivering exceptional service throughout the community. Clients love our caregivers' proactive approach, and they have grown accustomed to our high level of competence and efficient problem solving.